Help support and create new black-owned businesses effortlessly.

Our mobile app

Set aside 2% of your daily debit card purchases and redistribute the funds back to registered black owned businesses in your community.

  • Secure transfers with end to end encryption
  • Easily create growth
  • Owners are Buildup verified.

African Americans spend $1.2 trillion dollars a year

Automatic Payouts

Users can send support directly to businesses registered on Buildups platform

Network Effect

Build your community network. Create discussion boards and forums to utilize funds.

Bigger Rewards

Get rewarded for your support. Generate tokens for community engagement and Redeem them later.

Bring Along Your Favorite Technology

Use your existing social media accounts to communicate our mission. Information is power.

Design Focused

Share feedback to create a better User experience

Marketing Activity

Promote your business in a platform that is geared to create financial inclusion.

Register Your Business.

Our Headquarters

Build Up
1608 walnut st,
Philadelphia Pa 19103

Phone: 630-728-9211